Boost Your Energy, Melt Fat off Naturally, Cleanse Your Body from the Inside Out and Sculpt a HOT BODY - without Starving Yourself , Taking Supplements or Spending Hours in the Gym....

Stop Sending Your Body Mixed Messages!

You don't need some restrictive diet to see results.

You don't need a crazy workout schedule that has you exercising 7 days a week.

You don't need fancy powders or meal replacement shakes or someone telling you that their expensive formula is going to be the miracle cure for every ailment you're dealing with.

You need Delicious, simple recipes made from whole foods, and you need to know how to combine them to create the BEST response from your body.

You see how we eat is actually a COMMUNICATION we have with our body...and our body communicates back to us in how we look and feel.

So TELL your body that you want it to look, feel and perform it's best BY FEEDING it the foods that allow it to do its job naturally. Effortlessly.

And you will FEEL happier, more energized, less cranky...while losing inches, turning heads and LOOKING the way you want....because your OUTSIDES will start to match your INSIDES.

...Because Your Time is Too Valuable to Waste!

Grocery Shop with Ease

Use the Done For You Grocery List to Make Shopping a Breeze!

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Cook with Confidence!

Easily assemble delicious healthy meals that your family will love too!

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See Results Faster!

See faster results when you combine the RIGHT Fat-Burning Foods that BOOST YOUR METABOLISM, Stabilize your Energy, and Support Your Workout Plan the Right Way!

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Fat loss is easy when you combine the right foods - you'll be burning fat 24/7 without starving yourself or skipping meals. And you don't have to eat "perfectly" 7 days a week to see results!

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Your 7-Day Eat Clean Train Mean Meal Plan Guide

What's Inside:

  • Done for You Grocery List so You Don't Have to Think About What to Buy
  • Food Prep Steps so You can Save Time All Week Having Some Grab and Go Meals
  • Daily Menu Guides so You Know Exactly How to Combine the Best Fat Burning Foods for Energy, Quality and Variety
  • Delicious Fat Burning, Family Friendly Recipes for Breakfast, Green Smoothies, Entrees, Snacks (Vegetarian Options too) – gluten free
  • Weekly Planning Success Guide so You can Stay Motivated and On Track with Your Workouts and Eaiting
  • Guide to Creating Your Own Meal Plan, So You Understand How to Balance Your Own Meals and Do this Long After the 7 Days is Over!

BONUS: Metabolic Home Workout

What You Get:

  • Special Metabolic HIIT Circuit Boosts Fat Burning for Up to 38 Hours Post Workout
  • Save Time with this Fat Burning Workout Plan that You Can do in Less than 22 Minutes!
  • Challenge Your Body with Dynamic Moves that Strengthen and Sculpt Your Entire Physique!
  • Form Tips and Modifications so You Can Start at Any Level!

Workout From Home

No need for any fancy equipment or a gym membership - do this super effective workout wherever you happen to be!

Healthy, Fit Bodies are Made in the Kitchen....

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How do People Look and Feel Eating This Way?

Get a Head Start to Lasting Results with this Complete Meal Plan and Bonus Circuit!

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Keep the program for 30 days so you have time to try out the recipes, and use all of the great information it contains! If you're not 100% happy, I will personally refund your money!

About Betty Rocker

glutenfree health magazine

Who is Betty Rocker? Betty Rocker is me! My name is Bree Argetsinger, but I’ve been called “punk rock Betty Crocker” since I was a little girl.

I'm a health coach and fitness motivator, and I work with people all over the world, helping them transform from the inside out.

My passion for fitness and health developed after treating my body very badly for many years and choosing to educate myself and do the work to develop good practices based on science, my own intuition and a deep love and compassion for other people who were struggling as well.

While working as a structural integration therapist with extreme sports athletes and racers (which I did for 8 years!), my clients started asking me for nutrition plans that were like "what I was using." When I saw how much more quickly they got results following my combined nutrition and workout plans, I transitioned to the work I do now and began teaching this impactful information online so I could reach as many people as possible.

I have mastered many aspects of health and personal development, including becoming a C.H.E.K. (Corrective Exercise and High-performance Kinesiology) certified Exercise Coach, an I.S.S.A. certified nutrition specialist, and a Nationally Certified Structural Integration Practitioner (realignment of the body through manual therapy).

I’ve written multiple cookbooks, and nutrition and fitness plans that have been successfully used by thousands of people. My primary focus is on empowering you with the skills and knowledge you need to make the best choices for yourself - so you can achieve the result you're looking for while enjoying yourself along the way.

Got Questions?

Q: When should I do this program? +

It can be tough to commit to a long-term program, and you don’t have to. Start out with something you can do right now. Try out a week of clean eating and exercise you can do anywhere and track your progress for just 7 days to see how much difference 1 week can make to how you feel!

Doing this program during the 7 day challenge doubles the results you will see!

Q: Do I have to follow the meal plan? +

No, you can start out by checking out and using some of the recipes and including them in your current daily intake to mix things up. You can also use the daily menu as a reference point when dining out, or with other meals to help you balance the nutrients in the food you eat.

Q: What exactly does the complete Plan include? +

The 7-day meal plan sets you up with a grocery list, food prep steps (should you choose to batch your cooking for the week), fitness food recipes (vegetarian options included) and daily menus.

There is an entire section on how to set up and plan your meals, how to make your own meal plans and lots of nutrition information to help you do this on your own!

As a special Bonus, you also get a full body HIIT circuit to use during the 7-day period you do the plan – you’ll perform the circuit 3 times, increasing the duration of the moves each time.

And – there’s a special bonus download for you to help you plan and track your week – the Weekly Success Sheet Guide!