30-Day Challenge Day 1: FULL BODY BURN

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Daily Challenge Checklist:

  • Follow Along with Today's Challenge!
  • Cross today off of Your Challenge Calendar! Way to go!
  • Check in Online and Let me know you completed Today's Challenge!
  • Take a Progress Picture for Day 1, Day 8, Day 15, Day 22 and Day 30!
  • Beginner's Tips: Hold a wall or chair back for moves that throw off your balance and work on stabilizing. Pause the video anytime you need a longer rest.
  • REMEMBER: Show up, move for 15 minutes at your own pace and YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!
  • THIS PAGE EXPIRES in 24 hours! Don't put off to tomorrow what can be done today!

Day 2 of the Challenge will hit your Inbox first thing Tomorrow!

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